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About Viagem.Ink

Viagem.Ink is run by a couple who loves travelling.

located in China town , Yokohama. easy to get our tattoo studio.

Two minute walk from "Motomachi Chukagai" station on  the Minatomirai line.

Ten minute walk from "Ishikawacho"station on the JR Keihintohoku line.

Free WiFi Smoking area

We can accept any kind of tattoos with techniques acquired in Australia and Brazil.

we welcome any inquires and consultation in english and portuguese.

タトゥースタジオ タトゥー横浜
タトゥースタジオ タトゥー横浜


  • Don't worry!!

  • Get tattooed the 100% safe.

  • We use only single use sterilised needles,inks,inkcups and gloves etc...

  • All equipment is then covered with plastic and replaced after each session.

  • The inking tube,grip are cleaned and sanitized in ultrasonic and autoclave.

GT ウルトラソニック



Please tell us your preferred data of consultation  on the phone or e-mail.

our studio is reservation priority.

We might you wait if you without an appointment.


2.Design&Price estimate

We will provida an exact quotation after decision design which size,tattoo location and detail.

If you want something original, talk to us about creating a unique image

[better to bring in images of the style and type of tattoo you are looking for]



We require a deposit(10000yen) for all booking.

In the event that you need to reschedule, we require an e-mail to us 48hours in advance

cancellations will automatically forfeit deposit the with no exceptions.

Deposit are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Please bring your ID with photo. You need to be at least 20 years old.

4.Reservation day

The day of your appointment, Be well-resed and fed.

Do not consume any alcohol 24 hours before your session.


5.After care

Please keep clean and correct care2-4weeks untill your new tattoo to heal completely.

We will explain the after care steps after you have finshed getting tattooed.




  • We do not tattoo anyone under the age of 20.

  • Please notify us beforehand if you have any chronic or infections diseases.

  • We will refuse to members of gangs and mafias.

  • The day befor and the day of appointment, Don't drink alcohol.

  • please take significant measures against sunburn for before and after tattooed.

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