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I was born and raised in Yokohama.

I like gardening and watching movies and animal planet.

I  traveled as backpacker, I've been curios about overseas since 20'.

The event that led to me starting to learn tattoo, was meeting italian  tattoo artist in Australia.

his words that "if you have any skills,you can work while travelling the warld!" made me excited because i was on journey to find myself.

I learned fundamental of tattooing from him.

When i lived in Brazil as tattooist, met crazy tattooist who had been tattooist as 42 years of experience.

His studio is packed with history and life of tattooist. it made me deep impression.

I improved my skills from him,also leared to make a needles,machines...

I was initiated into his mysteries of tattooist life by tattooist with 42years of experience who said clearty "tattooist is the happiest job!"

I came back fromBrazil in 2019.

Opened our tattoo studio in Yokohama 2020.

Meaning of our studio [Viagem] is travel in portuguese.



I'm in charge of HP,reception,assistant and office work.

I had nothing to do with tattoo world before served as assistant to YUSUKE.

but i gradually became interested in tattoo culture and how tattoos interact with society.

Tatoo culture is still minirity in japan, but i hope that acknowlege each other's personality insted of rejection one day.

I speak broken english and moderate portuguese.

Hobby:Yoga,Reading books,Cat ,Travelling


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